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Global Produce established in 2006 as primarily an importer and is now directly involved in all aspects of the procuring, growing and shipping of our offshore products.
We assume ownership of the crops pre-production, which enables us to accurately coordinate and integrate the flow of reliable and detailed information pertaining to all aspects of the product.

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Our constant commitment to our customers has always been to deliver high quality produce with fast professional service.
Give us a call or drop by our office and see why so many owners, managers and chef's rely on us for all their professional produce needs.

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Our Products

We maintain a large weekly inventory of fresh fruits and vegetables and are also very proud of our popular fresh cut product line that has grown substantially the past few years.

We offer only the finest quality fruits and vegetables available to you all year around. As a wholesale produce distributor, we are dedicated to delivering the freshest fruits and vegetables daily.


Fresh and ripe straight to your door.

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Try our exocit fruits, always available in any season.

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Passion Fruit

We carry a variety of unique new fruits, try one today.

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Banana Milkshake
Our bananas makes all the difference when making a good milkshake. read more
Pina Colada
Enjoy a fresh tasting pina colada when made with our fresh pineapples read more
Cool off with a fresh squeezed lemonaid. Great lemons makes great lemonaid! read more
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